The Great And The Small 2013

This project begins when a 3-D model of the Jurassaic coast was found in the Lyme Regis Museum in Dorset. On this maquette is a signpost that reads "Annapurna, 4,500 miles".

The connection between Lyme Regis and Annapurna in the Himalayas of Nepal, is a 250 million year old seam of limestone, known locally as Blue Lias and in Nepal as the Jomsom formation. The rock stretches intermittently across this great distance, ancient and largely unseen.

This interconnectedness between these two seemingly disparate places, caught our imagination and prompted us to explore further connections, both local and global.

The result of this curiosity is "The Great & The Small', an Arts Council project that took 4 British artists to Nepal for a month in 2013. It has culminated in a series of inter-disciplinary exhibitions, and this documentary website.

It is our hope that this website gives a sense of the work that was made and the relationships that were forged during this year-long project. It also becomes the next connective layer, a digital one, which we hope prompts further projects and encourages relationships to prosper between people in Nepal and England.

Further Connecting

Further Connecting provides a digital platform for continuing connections & projects between people in England and Nepal.

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